Graphic Designing

In today’s world where visuals rule the digital world, captivating graphics are the cornerstone of effective marketing strategies. Whether you’re launching a new product, revamping your website, or strengthening your social media presence, our team of talented designers is here to transform your ideas into stunning visuals that resonate with your audience.

At SMEHELP, we understand that every brand is unique, and that’s why we take a personalized approach to every project.

Our Services

Branding: The first element that determines the voice your audience hears. Your Logo design creates an everlasting impression. Dedicated experts from our team specialize in typography, color theory, font types, and visual enhancement. SMEHELP ensures you solid branding.

Ad Design: You imagine we create it. SMEHELP is versed in capturing clicks and converting them into leads. Get all your creatives designed under one roof. From captivating visuals to persuasive copy, we ensure your brand message resonates and drives results. Elevate your advertising game with SMEHELP and leave a lasting impression.

Digital and motion graphics: We believe digital graphics is a vital element that drives brand engagement. From dynamic animations to eye-catching visuals, our expert team brings your brand to life. From sleek animations to immersive visuals on social media and websites, we weave your imagination into reality and amplify your brand‘s message.

Why is graphic designing important for your brand?

Graphic design emerges as the unsung hero of the design industry, it is the silent force that shapes our digital world. From the sleek logo emblazoned on your favorite product to the eye-catching billboards that line city streets, graphic design is everywhere, silently shaping our perceptions and influencing our decisions. A thoughtfully crafted infographic, graphic design can transcend language barriers and convey messages that resonate universally. Consistent branding across all touchpoints reinforces brand identity, fostering trust and loyalty among customers.

What does a poorly designed website or marketing collateral do?  According to studies, a poorly designed marketing ad will turn away customers, potentially being recorded as bounces. 

A cleverly designed call-to-action button can nudge users towards making a purchase, while a heartfelt illustration can inspire social change.

Logo Design: Your logo determines your face value. We design logos that embody your brand’s essence. From concept to creation, our expert designers ensure your logo stands out in your niche, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Discover your visual identity with SMEHELP, we’re sure you will not regret it.

Why Choose Us?

Top-notch quality: Our team at SMEHELP deploys its decade of experience in graphic design. Our testimonials speak for us. We glamourize your brand.

Super Responsive: we’ve positioned our best project manager in the response team. We assure you of steadfastness and transparency.

Higher expertise: We bring to you exceptional expertise and enhance your projects. Our team provides personal guidance for your projects no matter what the niche. 

No time zone challenge: We are vernacular with our communication. Flexible scheduling and technology deployment bridges the gap and ensures smooth collaboration.


How does the logo designing process work?

We have a well-trained team that crafts the plan of action right from a consultation call, followed by design considerations, trial, and execution. Your design will then be forwarded to the concerned dept in your company. The process will then enter the feedback stage for design reconsideration and refinement until the design is perfected.

How long does it take to design a logo?

The timeline depends on the complexity and the number of refinements. Typically, the process may take from days to several weeks.

What graphic design services do you offer? 

Our team is skilled in all types of digital designs. We offer logo design, banners, pamphlets, etc. We provide stunning graphics that impact effective communication with all stakeholders.

How do you tailor your designs to a brand?

By understanding the brand vision. We sit with our clients to learn and understand the history and brand’s aesthetics. These help us to craft a fresh design that would align perfectly with your vision and identity.

What is the price for the Graphic Design Package?

It varies as per the complexity of the project undertaken. We offer our clients the option to avail of customized quotes after the first consultation. Once we understand your specific needs & requirements, we can better customize a plan for you.

Do you provide sample work for companies to look at? 

Yes, we do. Our portfolio contains examples of our varied range of work – across several industries and domains. We request you to visit our Portfolio page to go through our design projects. You could also put in a request for examples specific to your industry.

Would you be offering iterations/redesigns?

A standard number of revisions is included in our design services. This helps us attain customer satisfaction as you take your time to refine the end result. Typically, 2 – 3 rounds of revision are included in the base package; we are very flexible and committed to meeting your needs.

Can you create custom illustrations?

It is one of our in-house experts to offer customized illustrations that fit the bill of every brand. No matter what the brief, our talented designers can create custom illustrations tailored to your brand’s needs. Maybe you need unique icons, or character designs, or detailed graphics – we can deliver high-quality illustrations that enhance your visual identity.

I need my logo as a vector file. Can that be done?

Absolutely. SMEHELP offers its clients designs in all essential file formats – JPEG, PNG, PDF, and vector files ( like AI or EPS). We are committed to helping enhance your products with our versatile designs, hence we offer them in all ready-to-use formats – for your various applications.

How do I commission a work to your brand?

Working with us is really simple. Please visit our website and fill in the contact form. You can also directly call us on the number advertised. We recommend an initial consultation to better understand your needs, thereby helping us to outline the next steps needed to bring your vision to life.